Having Offices in Gulf Shores, Alabama and Navarre, Florida, we can service customers throughout the Southeast. Another benefit of Modular Homes is that with most of the work being done in our factories, there is very little work being done on site so this allows us to build all over.  We would just hire local, licensed contractors to put in your pilings or foundation and other field work that may be necessary to receive and complete your new home.  We build ocean side estates but we also have lower cost homes with less detail, set on typical foundations for those homes in lower wind districts.  We really do have homes for everybody.  Call us today, you have nothing to lose and a home to gain!


A modular home with very little damage from hurricane Andrew.

These are our Modular Homes that survived Hurricane Irma in 2017

A letter from a customer who’s house survived Hurricane Irma in 2017

I hope you are well. Just heard that my house is fine. Just a few broken pipes under the house. You guys built a beast. Ocean front on the dirty side of a Category 4 hurricane. Nice job. Thank you so much.


Modular Homes in the Florida/Alabama gulf coast area​

At Gulf Coast Modular Homes, we specialize in creating custom home designs that meet our clients’ needs, whether that be Alabama's Gold Fortified Standards or Florida's 180 miles per hour hurricane wind zone requirements. We help out-of-state clients by providing turn-key construction on modular homes that are designed for all aspects of coastal living. We build on your land.

We’ve designed and built modular homes in a variety of sizes and styles, from beachfront vacation homes to exquisite custom mansions. Our factories employ highly skilled craftsmen who use the best engineering and design techniques to create homes that are as safe and sturdy as they are beautiful. And at the cost per square foot, our modular houses offer incredible value.

From the engineered pilings to the metal roof that comes with a 40-year warranty, the quality that goes into our custom-designed modular homes on the Gulf Coast will impress and amaze you. We also offer custom designed modular and prefabricated garages. 

Whether you need a vacation home, a first home or have a more elaborate building project in mind, please call (251) 359-2401, or use our contact form to get a free quote.